Supporting health through culturing the “unculturable”


Microbiome Dysbiosis

The human gut microbiome, i.e. all the bacteria that live inside the gut, controls virtually all aspects of human health. Dysregulation of the microbiome has been implicated in many chronic medical conditions including allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, and cancer. Recent scientific knowledge on the dysregulation of the microbiome in these conditions provides a novel opportunity to develop targeted therapies through microbiome modulation.

Rebalancing the Microbiome

However, targeted microbiome modulation is currently not possible because most bacterial strains in the human gut cannot be cultured and scaled under well known laboratory conditions. MicroInventa solves this critical bottleneck by building a culturomics platform that enables culturing of the ‘unculturable’ bacteria with high throughput. These bacterial strains are subsequently used for the development of diagnostic and drug discovery pipelines.

Our Technologies

At the macro scale we use state-of-the-art automated liquid handling and robotics to ensure a high throughput of sample processing. The modularity of our platform enables the streamlining of all procedures for maximum efficiency.

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Lab Automation

Parallelization is key to delivering our products in a timely manner. To this end we are developing novel micro- and meso-fluidic systems with world-leading specialists to culture and quality-control our bacterial strains.

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In addition to our hardware, we take a data-driven approach to optimize bacterial strain discovery and culture. We develop and use powerful algorithms to model bacterial growth rate and growth conditions. This approach complements our hardware in further increasing the throughput we can achieve.

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Our proprietary technology platform identifies and cultures bacterial strains, which we provide to our clients for the development of diagnostic and drug discovery purposes. Through our platform we are accelerating the pipeline from product to clinical testing.

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Product Development

The Team

Our Advisors